Have you had angel card reading?

Would u want to try it but don’t understand what they mean?

What are angel card readings?

They allow the reader to connect with the persons guardian angels and archangels to answer to guide them. Archangels are known to be ‘Messengers from God’ and people find comfort by asking them to help them on their way through life.

Here are some of the meanings of what the cards represent:


Archangel Ariel wants you to know that if you follow your gut feeling that you will do wonders. Keep working at your dreams because soon they will become a reality.

Take back you power

Archangel Raziel wants you to feel confidence in your actions and feel reassurance that you can succeed.


Archangel Azrael is near to send comfort when you need it through a troubling time. He can also help you feel better if you are grieving a loved one or if you are going through heartbreak.


Archangel Chamuel can comfort you in a difficult time and is there to strengthen you to find your inner peace.

Creative writing

Archangel Gabriel empowers your creativity to create work that you are proud of.

Angel therapy

Archangel Raphael assures you to put faith into the angels and they will help you with whatever you need them for.

What can I learn from an angel cards session?

Angels and archangels can guide you the right path in life and can help you if you are facing a difficult decision.

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