Have you lost a loved one?

You want to find a way to feel better?

Here are some steps that we think can help:

1. Talk to someone about what you are feeling.

Just let it all out. Once you start talking about it you will begin to feel better. You might be scared for different reasons but once you start you will feel the weight leaving your shoulders.

2. Be careful who you decide to open up to.

It’s a good idea not to rely as much on people who have experienced the same thing because they might keep you attached to the experience but instead have some friends who haven’t experienced it because they can show you things that you have never known and you may start to forget.

3. Don’t Blame yourself. Keep positive.

Don’t bring yourself down because it will make it even harder to get back up. Stop feeling like you weren’t good enough or thinking that you did something wrong because that feeling will linger for a long time.

4. Get outdoors. Do exercise. Get active.

Even just go for a walk and look out for all the wonders that surround you. Distract yourself and indulge in the colourfulness of nature.

5. Try new things.

Engage yourself in things that you never thought you could do. This will make feel more powerful and will distract you from your grief and will make you feel so much better.

You will eventually feel better but if you need a little nudge don’t be afraid to talk to one of our highly trained psychics to put you on the right path.

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