How to tackle loneliness?

As winter draws in and the nights get longer, we spend more time indoors, away from other people and often, feel as if it’s getting a bit too lonely. 

However, there are ways to face this loneliness head on, it’s a long, arduous process, but you can tough it out by yourself, and greatly improve your mental health along the way.  

One of the best things you can do to combat loneliness is cut out social media. While it’s good to be connected to our loved ones via the web, we often end up becoming jealous of other people over social media; over how much likes they get, followers they have, and all the glamorous things they appear to be doing. By quitting social media, you can focus more on face to face interaction, getting to know your real friends better, rather than racking up thousands of ‘friends’ you never speak to. 

Take your own initiative and organise to meet with friends, not only are you seeing your friends, but you’re also doing all the planning for that event. Whether it’s seeing a movie, or going for dinner, seeing your planning pay off and showing your friends that you care about them will take some of that time spend yourself and put it towards a social endeavour. 

Volunteer at a charity shop or homeless shelter. Not only is it an opportunity to make new friends but it’s also a chance to connect and emphasise with your local, or global, community. Giving your time to places like these will allow you to play a role in really helping other people’s lives, and you’re doing something more important with your time rather than sitting watching TV or procrastinating. If you don’t feel entirely comfortable interacting with people, then volunteer at an animal shelter. Helping the animals will also give you that added sense of commitment and the sense that you’re caring for something more vulnerable than yourself. 

Take some time to reflect. Quite often in our modern world, we lose touch with ourselves and fail to really reflect on what we a redoing, instead we just batter ahead without questioning if what we are doing is 100% right for us and the people it affects. Being aware of what is going on around us, and reflecting is called mindfulness. Whether it’s through meditation, prayer or otherwise, by practising this, we can be more content with ourselves and be more involved in our world. 

Here at iSpirita, we’re always here with you to help guide you along your path, if you feel as if you need any support or just want somebody to talk to, just give us a call and break out of your lonely shell. 

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